The days of simply striving for work/life balance are over. The modern world now contains so many more pressures, making holistic health more important than ever.

Holistic health encourages individuals to recognise their whole person, and to consider a more well-rounded and balanced approach to wellbeing. This goes beyond just diet and physical exercise, but also taking into account mental fitness and strength, immunity, positive self-worth, and more.

It’s understanding how to utilise multiple health avenues can build confidence and overall happiness – which is what In Bioglan Balance is all about.

We’ve teamed up with some of the nation’s favourite and most respected health and fitness stars for our second series of In Bioglan Balance. From professional rugby players to Paralympic champions, they’ll be showing us how they find time for balance in their busy routines. We all need our own personalised plan, that takes into account family and extra-curricular commitments too, but often the first step is simply realising what options are out there. Let’s see how our athletes find balance and what it means to them…

Allow us to show you how to find balance in all things

Series 1

Series 2

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