Myth Busting Gut Health with The Gut Stuff

In episodes one & two of the second series of our Health Unwrapped podcast, our host, ex Heart Radio presenter and founder of The Fertility Podcast, Natalie Silverman, speaks to the Gut Stuff.
Fascinating and fact-filled, Natalie’s chats with Alana and Lisa Macfarlane, aka The Mac Twins, about their work creating The Gut Stuff and we undertake some serious myth-busting when it comes to gut health!

In episode 1 we cover…..

  • How the Gut Stuff came to be
  • How ‘wellbeing is an aspirational industry’ that should be for everyone
  • Eating healthily is a lifestyle change and about consistency, not just two weeks before a holiday!
  • The realisation that they share 100% of DNA but only 30% gut bacteria
  • What is microbiome – eg. all the bacteria, viruses, pathogens that live within us and how clever they are and what they do
  • The most common questions people ask – can I eat gluten or dairy, bloating, IBS.
  • How our awareness of Gut Health has changed since the pandemic started?

In episode 2 we cover…..

  • Explaining what Pre and Probiotics are
  • What the different strains mean and how you should focus on them
  • How to find out more about pre and probiotics
  • Which supplements do they take?
  • How the twins use Biolgan’s Inulin powder to get fibre, especially if they are on the move and how they take it
  • Why you should squat when you poo!
  • Why more of us are talking about Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS conversation) but we still don’t like telling the Doctor?
  • How the twins maintained good health during the winter months, and you can do the same
  • What they cover in their YouTube series?

Listen to the complete episodes here

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