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Health Unwrapped is the conversation you need to hear to enhance your wellbeing. We’ll be talking about trending health topics and ways you can make a difference to your health, with leading experts discussing the latest developments in dietary supplements and of course natural foods.

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Series 1

Introducing Health Unwrapped – Trailer
Welcome to Health Unwrapped a brand new podcast launching soon.
Health Unwrapped is the conversation you need to hear, to enhance your wellbeing from the experts at Bioglan. We’ll be talking about trending health topics & ways you can make a difference to your health, with leading experts discussing the latest developments in dietary supplements and of course natural foods

Supporting your Immunity with Dr Zoe Williams
Welcome to the first episode of Health Unwrapped, where our host Natalie Silverman talks to Dr Zoe Willams about how best we can look after ourselves whilst we are having to   self isolate. There’s never been a time when it’s been so significant to think about your own immune system and what you can do to boost your immune health .  Dr Zoe talks about how a lot of us are going to get Coronavirus and how most of us will be fine and recover

A Healthy Gut creates a healthy life with Deborah James
Welcome to episode two of Health Unwrapped, where our host Natalie Silverman chats to Deborah James about living with Bowel Cancer. Deborah who is currently cancer-free talks about how it had a major impact on her health, despite on paper being the type of person, least at risk. Deborah had a bowel resection, so half her bowel was removed. Day to day, she has to actively think about the type of foods she puts in her body as it either comes through too quickly or doesn’t come through or makes her sick.  Therefore Deborah has to eat a high fibre diet eats a variety of fruit and vegetables and she talks through where she gets her fibre from.

How to eat healthy with Emma Hanton
Welcome to episode three of Health Unwrapped where we speak to Nutritionist and food blogger Emma Hanton about the importance of eating healthily. Emma has a beautiful Instagram feed where she shares a wide range of recipe ideas and in this conversation, she gives some key tips on how to make your diet even healthier, without it being too difficult or expensive. We talk about how nutrition is at the core of so much of our health and how it doesn’t have to be too hard to get our heads around.

Understanding Burnout – with Miss Nutritionist, Rosie Millen
Welcome to episode four of Health Unwrapped, where we are speaking to Rosie Millen aka Miss Nutritionist about her experience of burnout, which she experienced six years ago after collapsing in a park. Rosie explains how the World Health Organisation legitimised burnout in May 2019 and how it had such a huge impact on her life, she had to stay in bed for three years to recover.

Training with Chloe Madeley
Welcome to episode five of Health Unwrapped, a somewhat timely episode after the bank holiday weekend as we join fitness guru Chloe Madeley, to talk about training. With most of us currently in lockdown due to COVID-19 Chloe also offers some useful tips on working out at home as well as talking about her gym routine, so be sure to bookmark this episode to listen to again, once we are all able to go back to the gym.

Is there a correct diet? With Dr Zoe Williams
Welcome to episode six of Health Unwrapped where we catch up once again with Dr Zoe Williams. This episode is being shared whilst many of us are still in lockdown due to COVID-19 and our shopping habits have changed significantly. Some of us are used to eating out regularly rather than cooking or being a bit too reliant on takeaways. Our current situation may have found you reunited with your kitchen and having to cook, others might be on a limited budget  – more so now than before. Or it may just be you aren’t able to get to the shops due to work, health or childcare and therefore can’t get the items we’re used to. So this conversation about ‘diets’ with Dr Zoe Williams is going to be really useful and hopefully get you thinking about some practical changes you could make.

Marathon and Race for Life Training with Deborah James
Welcome to the seventh episode of Health Unwrapped, shared with you during lockdown in the UK, despite being recorded before we went into it. So the conversation has changed somewhat as at the time of recording, Deborah was hoping to be running the London Marathon in April, which we know at the time of publishing has been postponed until Sunday 4th October. Deborah also talks about Race for Life which are currently being moved to later in the year, so if you were planning on doing one – we’d suggest keep an eye on their socials and website.

The Importance of Rest and Recovery after training, with Chloe Madeley
Welcome to episode eight of Health Unwrapped, where we rejoin Chloe Madely to talk about the importance of rest and recovery in your training. This was another episode recorded before lockdown and who knew how much our exercise routines would have to change, however it has been amazing to see the range of resources that are available for us to continue to maintain our fitness despite all the restrictions. Chloe was keen to talk about the importance of understanding what is happening to your body when you are training and why rest and recovery are so important and what nutrition does to help.

Recipes to maximise nutrition, with Emma Hanton
Welcome to episode nine and the final part of series 1 of Health Unwrapped. We really hope you’ve found our expert advice useful and it has given you some handy tips that you can incorporate into your everyday without it costing the earth or seeming to hard to achieve. We’re catching up once again with Nutritionist Emma Hanton to get more advice on how you can maximise your nutrition.

Series 2

The Gut Stuff and their mission to empower gut health in everyone
Welcome to Series 2 of Health Unwrapped. We’re so pleased that you enjoyed our first series of expert advice and have been using some of their tips in your day to day. We all know, now, more than ever before how important it is to look after ourselves so we are keen to continue to bring you more useful conversation which you can incorporate into your every day. We want to help you get your head around what can seem overwhelming, and know that these kinds of changes don’t have to cost the earth. Today we join Alana and Lisa Macfarlane aka The Mac Twins to talk about their work creating The Gut Stuff. We’ll be chatting to the Ladies over two episodes as they had so much handy info to share, so be sure to listen to the next episode after this one.

Beneath the Sea, discover the power of Red Krill oil with Aker Marine
Welcome to Series 2 of Health Unwrapped as we go beneath the sea with Aker Marine, biotech innovator and Antarctic krill-harvesting company, who explain the incredible benefits of Krill Oil and why you should take it. We speak to Thomas Repstad and Tone Gjertsen who explain the nutrients you can get from Krill Oil to support the heart, liver, brain and eye and the difference between Omega fish oil and Krill Oil and we talk about the fishy after taste that puts so many of us off from taking Omega-3.

Rest, Reset and Recovery with Elle Linton
In this episode of Health Unwrapped we have a good old chin wag with Fitness Pro Elle Linton. Elle has been championing exercising from home during the pandemic and coming up with innovative ways to keep her audience entertained including her popular ‘Rolling with my Foamies’ session. We talk about the importance of recovery as Elle explains how she looks after herself, gives great tips for staying motivated during the winter months, highlights the importance of sleep and she and talks us through the supplements she uses.

A skin-ful of goodness with Happy Skin Kitchen
Welcome to another episode of Health Unwrapped from Bioglan where we’re talking to Elisa Rossi, a recipe developer and blogger. Elisa explains how she changed her diet after suffering from hormonal acne and not getting on with the medication she was given. The results have been life-changing and here Elisa shares her tips and advice on how you can make the changes, which you need to do gradually.

Keep fighting fit this winter with the Plant Powered Doctor
Welcome to the final episode in Series 2 of Health Unwrapped, as we speak with Dr Gemma Newman, a UK GP who has a specialist interest in holistic health, plant-based nutrition and lifestyle medicine and has just published her first book ‘The Plant Power Doctor’. We wanted to get some top tips for you to boost your immunity and say fit and well through Winter.

Series 3

The Key to Body Strength with Jade Jones
Welcome to series 3 of Health Unwrapped and we’ve got an amazing lineup for you over the next 12 episodes. We’re starting with Olympian, European and World  Champion Jade Jones OBE who we got to speak to exactly 100 days ahead of her trip to Tokyo,  where she is heading for the ‘threepeat’. Jade had just returned from the European Championships and had already brought home the first gold.

The Importance of Body Maintenance with Andrew Petrou
In this episode, we’re talking to health expert and Osteopath Andrew Petrou, Bioglan’s in-house guru about the importance of body maintenance and what you need to be thinking about to keep your body healthy, especially now as restrictions are easing.

The brain in your gut – Dr Zoe Williams
Welcome back to Health Unwrapped and this is episode 3 of Series 3. We’ll be speaking once again to  Dr. Zoe Williams, who is expecting her first child. In this episode, Zoe explains how we should look after our gut health and shares her experiences of what she has learned about her body during her pregnancy.

The secret to beautiful skin – Vicky Pattinson
Welcome to Health Unwrapped, in conversation with Vicky Pattinson about her about her beauty regime, body positivity and her experience of being in the public eye for over a decade, riding the highs and the lows of celebrity.

Maintaining Focus During Times of Change with Ercan Ramadan
Welcome back to Health Unwrapped, we join Ercan Ramadan to discuss how he kept his focus during the lockdown and about his new personal training business.

Exercise as recovery with Alex Marks
Welcome to another episode of Health Unwrapped, we are in conversation with Alex Marks. Alex is a personal trainer, with 10 year’s experience in the health and fitness industry. He’s an online coach and Founder of On Your Marks personal training studio in southwest London, and a previous contestant on the UK’s version of The Bachelor!!

The benefits of physical health on mental health – Jules Von Hep
Welcome to Health Unwrapped and a fab chat with Jules Von Hep, who is a huge advocate of self-love, optimism, and body acceptance. He founded the cult and global self-tan brand The Isle of Paradise and helps thousands of people every day learn to love themselves and see the joy in life’s wonders via his Insta which we chat all about.

Adrienne Herbet – Energy and Strength
Welcome to the seventh episode in the Health Unwrapped series and we are in conversation with  Adrienne Herbert. Adrienne runs her own fabulous Power Hour podcast which is all about reclaiming your mornings and getting the most out of every day. She’s also a TEDx speaker, author, and athlete.

Taking care of your body’s interior functions – Scola Dondo
Welcome to another episode of Health Unwrapped and today I’m talking with Scola Dondo – YouTuber, TV Presenter, and Personal Trainer about the challenges she has overcome having been sharing her story online since she was 11.

Benefiting your child’s health – Jess Cunningham
Welcome back to Health Unwrapped, where we are speaking to Jess Cunningham,  former Apprentice and Big Brother contestant, business and transformation coach, and mother of five, to talk about all things related to children’s health. Jess and I spoke when her youngest son was just a few weeks old and he was good as gold!

Immunity and the Gut
Welcome to Health UnWrapped, we’re speaking with Health and Wellness columnist Susannah Taylor about how she has been looking after her gut health, during the last 18 months and what she has learned from the conversations she’s been having for her column in You Magazine.

Exercising yourself young – Ebony Rainford-Brent
Festive Greetings and Welcome to this is the final episode in the wonderful Health Unwrapped series that I’ve been running with Bioglan for the last year. We’re welcoming Ebony Rainford-Brent, former international England cricketer who now works as a broadcaster and commentator. This is a brilliant conversation to end our inspirational series and we hope you enjoy it.

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