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Red Krill Oil Original + Fish Oil

Advanced Omega 3


Bioglan Red Krill Oil is a more advanced, better absorbed Omega-3. It is super small, easy to swallow and has no fishy aftertaste guaranteed.
Each capsule of Bioglan Red Krill Oil is a blend of 335mg Red Krill Oil plus 200mg of Fish Oil. The EPA & DHA in Red Krill Oil helps support:
  • Heart Health
  • Brain Health
  • Eye Health
Bioglan Red Krill Oil has 23% more DHA and 56% more EPA than cod liver oil.
Directions for Use: 
Take 1-4 capsules daily with food. Not to be taken on an empty stomach or chewed.
30 capsules
Nutritional Information
Nutritional InformationPer Capsule
Krill Oil335mg
Omega-3 Fish Oil200mg
mg=milligramμg = microgram

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