Growing Healthy Kids

Bioglan SmartKids offers 6 chewy & delicious gummy supplements to support healthy, happy kids. Our gummies are formulated to provide children with essential nutrients – hidden in a yummy format, to support healthy growth & development, immunity, energy, strong bones& teeth, brain development and digestive health.
3 UK firsts in the kids gummies category (Iron, Happy Tummies & Healthy Eyes)
Unique formulations tailored to address key concerns of parents
Vegan & Vegetarian options

Kids love us!

“Thumbs up! Good, Great, Brilliant. How is it so good!”

“They taste really fruity and I like them being chewy”

“They taste so good - sweet but not too sweet, and a little bit sour at the same time!”

Parents love us too...

Owl Character

“I will definitely be recommending these to all of my mummy friends”

Winston Omega

“I would definitely recommend these to other parents looking for vitamins for their child”

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