8 Tips for a Healthy and Happy Christmas

The festive season is an extremely eventful and bustling time for a lot of us, with parties coming up, work socials, Christmas dinners with friends and family and not to mention the boxes of chocolate everywhere you turn, it can seem impossible to stay healthy. However, there a few things you can do which can help you to have a healthier and happier Christmas!  

Tip 1: Kick Start the Day with a Nutritional Breakfast

Breakfast is a vital meal of the day, however during the party season it is a good idea to plan ahead and ensure to have a nutritional breakfast on those busy days. A bowl of porridge topped with some of your favourite fruit is a great way to start the day as porridge stabilises blood sugar levels helping to control appetite later in the day. Perfect for those busier days. To supercharge your porridge, add some of the Bioglan Inulin, which is high in fibre helping to promote digestive wellbeing naturally!

For those days where you are on the go, a probiotic yoghurt is a fantastic way of supporting your immune health and promoting digestion. To add to your on-the-go nutrients, the Bioglan Biotic Balance Capsules helps to support your tummy against the battle of good and bad bacteria. 

Tip 2: Look after Your Immune Health

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient which the body makes upon exposure to sunlight. It is key in supporting the immune system and helping us to stay healthy. However, during the winter months due to the lack of sunlight, the risk of becoming deficient in Vitamin D is a lot higher. Some food sources such as salmon and tuna can provide us with low amount of Vitamin D. Although for the level our bodies require at this time of the year, the NHS Guidelines suggest taking a daily supplement containing 10μg of Vitamin D. The Bioglan Vitamin D3 VitaGummies are a delicious way to support your Vitamin D levels, providing 1000IU of Vitamin D per gummy. Perhaps, you could even make your own advent calendar and fill each window with one Vitamin D gummy per day!

Tip 3: Make Sure To Keep Hydrated

The party season often increases the opportunities to drink alcohol, although as with every day it is recommended you drink 6-8 cups of water. It is a good idea to integrate water into your meals out and ensure to drink plenty of water before and after any Christmas parties to keep your body  hydrated at all times.

The Bioglan Fizz Range is a fun way of keeping hydrated! The effervescent tablets contain a blend of vitamins and minerals to support your general health and wellbeing from immunity to energy production. Just add the tablet to 200ml glass of cold water for a pleasant, vitamin boosting, flavoured drink!

Tip 4: Move Your Body

We all know it is difficult to incorporate exercise into your daily routine during a busy time like the festive season, and with the dark winter nights, the cold weather, diminishing our energy to work out. However, it is still important to try and include an element of exercise to your week, think of it as time for yourself! Why not set aside 15 minutes for a home workout, whilst listening to your favourite upbeat Christmas songs? Or a walk outside in nature is a great way to get your metabolism pumping. If you are struggling to make time for exercise, give a yoga session a go or some meditation and breathwork before going to bed.

If you feel your body needs additional support, the Bioglan Active Magnesium Range helps with muscle health, energy production as well as reducing tiredness and fatigue.

Tip 5: Sleep

A good night’s sleep sets you up for a great day, and therefore it is an important reminder to not stay up late or wake up extra early just to get more done, no matter how busy you are! Often when you are well rested you can tackle the challenges of a hectic schedule better and more efficiently. 

Tip 6: Manage a Busy Time

Having enough time for cooking nutritional meals, exercising, and getting enough sleep can be difficult when you’re busy. Nevertheless, there is a strong link between these important parts of the day and our mental health. Managing your time and preparing food and meals in advance avoids you having to make decisions on these, during the days where your schedule is packed! Taking some time to meal prep your breakfast, lunches or dinners is a great way of avoiding this added stress.

Tip 7: Take Time for Self-Care

Self-Care is important all throughout the year, however during the festive season with lots of preparation and social plans this can often be the first thing that is dropped. Self-Care looks different for everyone, but there a few practices you can try:

  • Meditation
  • Exercise
  • Nature walks
  • Crafts
  • Baking
  • Listening to music
  • Reading
  • Stretching
  • Bubble bath
  • Beauty treatment
  • Eat a nutritious meal

Tip 8: Enjoy the Christmas Break!

Christmas is a time to relax, unwind and switch off from the news and social media to be present with your friends and family around you. Therefore, it is important to allow yourself this social time and to enjoy!

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