Easter Food Art with Bioglan SmartKids

It’s not always easy to get your kids to choose healthy fruits and veg, especially when there’s plenty of Easter chocolate around!

If you want to give their snacks a healthy twist, look at the ideas below which have been inspired by the flavours and benefits of our Bioglan SmartKids range – chewy supplements formulated to provide children with essential nutrients – hidden in a delicious format.

Orange Carrots

We love these ‘carrots’ – strawberries dipped in orange coloured chocolate! You could even cover them in your leftover Easter chocolate so they can balance out those sweet treats.

Easter Bunny Sandwiches

Why not mix up lunchtime sandwiches and make them into an Easter Bunny! There’s fruit and veggies used for some of the features to help them on their way to that five a day.

We used bananas for the ears, carrots and mango for the sunshine and carrot, broccoli for the grass, strawberry for the nose and some black olives for the stripes on the bee and the bunny eyes. The other features were made with strips of cheese.

Kiwi Bunnies

If your kids are fans of kiwis, try out these bunnies on a bicycle! The bike frame also has carrots and if they don’t like kiwi much, you can always try other fruits such as apples. We use black olives for the facial features.

Pineapple Chick

How adorable is this pineapple chick! We used carrots and olives for the face and it’s sitting on a bunch of breadsticks, a nice and healthy snack for the little ones.

Watermelon Bunnies

Super simple and super healthy. We used cookie cutters to cut bunny shapes out of watermelon and pineapple, melon for the flowers and decorated the grapes with some of our leftover chocolate from the dipped strawberries.

Frozen Yoghurt Lollies

Now the weather is warming up, it’s the perfect time to make frozen yoghurt lollies. We used an Easter lolly mould and filled it with different flavoured natural yoghurt, pop them in the freezer for a few hours and you’ve got a healthy alternative to ice cream.

Biotic Balance ChocBalls

If you’re doing an Easter Egg hunt, why not include our Biotic Balance Choc Balls for Kids. Wrapped in velvety milk chocolate, each ChocBall contains two high-quality live strains of bacteria plus a great source of fibre – Lactobacillus & Bifodobacterium plus Inulin. A tasty way to include live bacteria in your children’s diet every day.

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