Keep Moving with Active Curcumin

Curcumin is the active ingredient in the Turmeric plant- which has been used for many years to help fight inflammation. Bioglan Active Curcumin is a high strength standardised formulation containing 95% curcuminoids, the effective compounds within the turmeric plant, for maximum benefit compared to standard Turmeric products. It also contains a trademarked black pepper extract called BioPerine™ to enhance the absorption of curcumin by the body to help manage inflammation.

  • Equivalent to 12,640mg of Turmeric
  • Curcumin contributes to the management of inflammatory responses in the body
  • Copper contributes to the maintenance of normal connective tissues
  • Vitamin C contributes to the normal function of the immune system
  • Vitamin D contributes to the maintenance of normal bones On its own Curcumin has poor bioavailability. It is not water soluble and needs fats and/or pepper extracts like Bioperine to increase bioavailability or uptake by the body.

Holland and Barrett Customer Reviews

“Using primarily for arthritis (getting to the chronic stage in several joints), & whilst sceptical initially I have noticed a significant drop in pain levels after 2 weeks & will continue taking this product…”

5 Stars

“It’s very effective and the strongest I have tried. You can feel the effects immediately. Buy this brand it’s worth it.”

5 Stars

“I have been taking this for a couple of years and my arthritic knees are less swollen and pain free. I have managed to put off recommended knee replacements for longer.”

5 Stars

Eat Your Orange Week

We recently teamed up with some of our favourite influencers focusing on nutrition and wellness and challenged them to eat foods all week which included everyone’s favourite superfood – turmeric!

Sophia Isobel Turmeric and Lemon Bliss Balls

Turmeric and Lemon
Bliss Balls

Georgie Eats Lebanese Hummus

Lebanese Style Hummus

Nourishing Amy Lemon Turmeric and Poppyseed Muffins

Lemon Turmeric Poppyseed Muffins

Spamella B Colourful Porridge Bowl

Colourful Porridge Bowl

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