Back to School: Top Tips to Promote Healthy Habits in Children

September—the time of new beginnings and crisp notebooks. As we embrace the fresh academic year, it’s the perfect opportunity to refine daily routines for the better. As the new school year rolls in, it’s time to hit refresh on those daily routines. But worry not, the Bioglan SmartKids range is here to ensure your youngsters are not just academically ready but also packed with essential vitamins and minerals to support their general wellbeing.

1. The A+ Breakfast Routine

Say goodbye to breakfast blues and say hello to an A-star morning! We all know that a hearty breakfast is the first chapter in the story of a successful day.

👉 Bioglan Tip: Try our SmartKids Brain Formula! Packed with Omega-3 and a zesty citrus flavour, these chewable capsules are perfect for your little Einstein.

2. Active Minds, Happier Times

Let’s face it, physical education doesn’t have to be confined to school hours. A splash in the puddles or a quick game of rounders can be just as educational!

3. Snack Like a Pro

Ever heard of a high-quality snack attack? Swap out sugary temptations for an alternative!

👉 Bioglan Tip: Pop in a SmartKids Iron VitaGummy! Strawberry-delicious and infused with Iron and Vitamin C, these gummies will keep your child ticking along beautifully.

4. Screen Time, the Smart Way

Between TikTok and Fortnight, make some space for apps that add, not subtract, from their knowledge.

5. Hydrate, Then Celebrate

Equip your young scholar with a reusable water bottle, making it easy for them to stay hydrated throughout the day.

👉 Bioglan Tip: Throw in a SmartKids Healthy Eyes VitaGummy to make sipping water a sight-saving activity!

6. Bedtime, Best Time

It’s not just about how long they sleep; it’s also about how well they sleep. So, switch off those screens and bring out the bedtime stories.

7. Mindfulness 101

Teach them the ‘art of pause’ with simple breathing exercises or even a short session of mindful colouring.

8. Tummies Need Love Too

Ever heard the saying, ‘Listen to your gut’? Well, children should too.

👉 Bioglan Tip: With our Happy Tummies Vitagummies, your little one’s tummy will be doing a happy dance! And why wouldn’t it? It’s packed with good bacteria and Vitamin C.

Wrap Up

So, there we have it, folks! A crash course on sending your children back to school with more than just a shiny new pencil case. With the Bioglan SmartKids range by your side, the new academic year promises to be a journey of healthy habits and happy minds!

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